Shea Brown
Office: Physics 475a
Phone: 612-626-1819

Prospective Grad Students:

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The Astronomy Department is very active in radio astronomy research. This page provides an overview of the people involved and the projects we work on. Many of the projects take a multi-wavelength approach, with complemenatry in the infrared, optical, and x-ray regime. The title "Radio Astronomy Research" might thus not be quite accurate, but it does provide us with a way to summarize what we do.

Recent Research Highlights:

Giant Void in the Universe

We recently reported a discovery of a ~280 Mpc void in the direction of the famous WMAP "Cold Spot". Look here for a site describing the largest void ever discovered. This project was a collaboration between Professors Lawrence Rudnick, Liliya Williams, and graduate student Shea Brown. It combines cosmology and radio astronomy, two of our favorite things!

More to come soon!